The Film Appreciation Project for Short-Shorts 

is opening its doors for a one night event

celebrating short subject narrative films and documentaries


is proud to host the F.A.P. for Short-Shorts event, produced by Enormity Pictures LLC. 

Our 45 person theater has a state of the art projection system with a Sony Sound system. 

Come for the film and stay for the art installations, game room, and bar serving complimentary beer, wine and movie themed cocktails.

Enormity Pictures LLC, produces Film/TV/Commercial/Industrial films



1 night, 3 hours of short films, interstitials and live Q&A with filmmakers. Hosted by Director/Producer Russ D Martin (... an inappropriate affect, Sensory Perception) April 26th


Special Thanks to: 

Enormity Pictures, 110 Congress st. Bridgeport CT

The ARCHIVE movie and music store, 118 Congress st. Bridgeport CT.

Milano's wine and Pizza bar 281 Fairfield Ave Bridgeport CT.

Blazin' Vibes smoke shop, Milford CT. 

Film Chest Media Group, Movie and Television productions, 100 Congress st. Bridgeport CT.

Vinegar Syndrome, Film and TV studio, 100 Congress st. Bridgeport CT

Park City Designs LLC 110 Congress st. Bridgeport CT


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