custom design

From initial contact to delivery, Park City Designs aims to create the perfect piece that not only fits the space, but reflects the design sense of its creator and owner.

A concept is developed and the design process begins. Simple sketches turn into 3-d renderings.
Materials are agreed upon and the rendering becomes reality.
Old timbers and discarded steel become the centerpiece of your space.
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unique materials

Utilizing locally sourced, reclaimed, and repurposed materials guarantees that your piece will be unique and beautiful.

A found piece of driftwood becomes a stunning desk lamp when mounted on sculpted, scrap mahogany decking.
The main limb from a felled Mt. Laurel now joins with reclaimed steel pipe to hold up a beautiful bar.
Tin cladding from an old fire door snuggles inside mitered pine floorboards reclaimed from a former warehouse.
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